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The EZ-Coil Spring Winding Tool
The EZ-Coil
Spring Winder Tool
with 3 adapters.

Replacing a rewind spring in your outdoor power equipment (lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers or go-karts) has always been a tedious, time consuming, and dangerous job! How would you like to be able to wind and replace a spring in less than 5 minutes?? Now you can, with the "EZ-Coil Spring Winder" Tool!

Battery & Electric Co., Inc. (the parent company of has tested this tool in our own repair shop for the past two years. We have wound springs and installed them for mechanics and consumers alike, and we have found that replacement of a spring using the EZ-Coil takes less than 5 minutes - vs. the manual method taking much, much longer!

Take a look at how quickly and simply this is accomplished using the EZ-Coil Spring Winder. . .

Set the tool
on the spring...
Wind the spring
into the head of the tool
by turning handle...
Turn handle until spring
is entirely wound in the
head of the tool...
Release tension off spring
by letting the tool slowly
unwind in palm of hand
until spring expands to
outer edge of head...
Place tool on housing...
Release spring by
depressing tool from the top
as shown in photo...

EZ-Coil Spring Winder
Tool works on different types
of housings.

Invented by a
customer, with testing by us!


WAS $89.00
Through special arrangements with the manufacturer, can now offer you this tool for only


For the EZ-Coil Tool, including all 3 adapters
for different size springs

(Complete instructions on how to use included with tool)

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